On the backdrop of ancient relics, picturesque alleys, and timeless charm, you will discover the secrets of Jerusalem – the Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt way! 

On the Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt you will encounter the places, people and events that helped to weave the incredible tale of MountZion and the Jewish Quarter. You will learn the stories of the sites like King David’s Tomb, The Rebuilt Hurva Synagogue and the Golden Menorah (ready for use in the ThirdTemple). 

 With your feet you will tread in the footsteps of kings and prophets, with your eyes you will witness the remarkable miracle of return and with your heart you will feel the undying Jewish spirit of determination and faith.

 There is no better way to encounter and experience the epic tales of the past, intertwined with the present and future!   We are looking forward to meeting you on the Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt! Come and join in the conversation on our Jerusalem Watchman Facebook page