Who is the Jerusalem Scavenger hunts for? 

What do I do on a Jerusalem Scavenger hunt? 

How long is a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt?

If you have these or other questions about the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts  – the Bloggers will give you answers!  We recently hosted a Bloggers Scavenger Hunt and our blogging participants had lots of thoughts and information to share. 

“One of our tasks is to find the grocery store close to the oldest wall in Jerusalem. Instructions: bring back something from this store. Perhaps it is because this team consists entirely of bloggers who spent far too much time inhabiting the virtual world of cyberspace that we don’t choose a physical object as proof of our visit. No lush pomegranates for us. We bring back digital photos and a tale.” Blogger Myriam Miller.

Judy Lash Balint, freelance correspondent and travel writer gives a great summary of what you’ll experience on a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt and how the program works in her blog Jerusalem Diaries .

Moms really deserve a day out every now and again and One Tired Ema shares her Scavenger Hunting discoveries with us all.

The Real Jerusalem Streets is a photoblog which tells about what is really happening in Jerusalem. This is a unique and inspiring blog!

Lisa Isaacs is a graphic designer who has gone ‘back to basics’ and works magic making anything handmade.  She also loves a morning out – see her blog Handmade In Israel.

The extremely talented photographer Amit Turkenitz (other wise known as Fly On The Wall) captures time and emotion with the snap of his camera lens.

Myriam Miller is owner of the JerusalemInsidersGuide – this is a highly recommended resource for visitors to Jerusalem.

Miriam Lottner is the inspiring CEO of Tech-Tav which provides the best technical writing service from Israel.  She gave us a glowing testimonial ” I wanted to warmly and highly recommend Tali and her Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt program to families, companies and professional organizations looking to do something different, educational and really fun in Jerusalem.  Highly recommended for anyone looking for a company event, or if you have visiting VIPs etc. that you need to take for a tour. ”

Ryan Jones is a journalist at Travelujah, a faith-based social network for Christians seeking to connect to the Holy Land. He tell us all about hunting down history.

Robin Davis Epstein is a very talented still art photgrapher at Around the Island Photography.

Well, now you know all about the Jerusalem Scavenger hunts – don’t delay your Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt any further – be in touch with us via the contact page to book it now!