As winter approaches, the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts holds an annual Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt.  The second annual Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt was in Nachlaot on a sunny Friday in November.  The 18 Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts Bloggers were just as colorful as their blog posts so check out what they had to say after they participated on the Nachlaot Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt.

Bloggers Scavenger Hunt in Nachlaot

Place of honor on this roundup, along with kudos, goes to our token male blogger of the day!  Sorry Mordecai Holtz, we really do get more men normally.  Despite it all you clearly got to discover Jerusalem the Scavenger Hunt way, as we saw on your Noholtzbarred blog.

If there is a happening in Jerusalem, Sharon Altshul  will be there to capture the vibe on the streets and to tell the story through her well read photo essays. Check out her photo essay of the Nachlaot Bloggers Scavenger Hunt from the Real Jerusalem Streets.

Whether she is blogging about her STUNNING handmade paper cut creations (cards, albums and pictures), or about the places in Israel that she visits, I love anything that Lisa  Isaacs posts! Find out about her second Jerusalem Scavenger Hunting experience at her Handmade In Israel blog.

Different points of view from Handmade in Israel

I was amazed by how quickly Cheri got her Scavenger Hunt post up, and I loved what she wrote “Amazing. Eye-Opening. Competitive. Fun. This is one of the most amazing challenges I have had in a long time”.  Cheri turned worlds upside down to get out early on a Friday morning, so thank you for your amazing post at CheribLevy

One of the most beautiful people that I have met through the annual Blogger’s Scavenger Hunts is Amy Gottlieb Shuter.  This is what she wrote last year about the Old City Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt , and to hear more from this amazing woman you can visit her personal blog at tripnup.

We hereby pronounce Joanna Shebson from FunInJerusalem, the go-to address for all fun family activities in Jerusalem. On her website you can find out about rope climbing, jeeping, and many more activities . She says that the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts  are a “must see” activity for families visiting Jerusalem. Find out more about what she offers at FunInJerusalem

The bloggers at the first annual Bloggers Scavenger Hunt were just SO NICE, that right away I knew that “my bloggers” were also going to become “my friends”. Rachel Moore from ima2seven has become so much more than a friend – she is also a bouncing board for ideas and a partner in creativity.  See the world through the eyes of ima2seven!

Have you ever wondered who the face behind Birthright Social Media is?  It is none other than the very talented Ilene Rosenblum, another participant in the Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt.  Ilene encourages anyone who can to do a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt and she also wants to remind folk that registration for Summer 2013 trips opens in February – so if you know anyone who should be going, give them a nudge!

Bloggers on their route

Naomi Elbinger is building a vibrant community for people who do business in the Jewish world.  Naomi whets our appetite for Scavenger Hunt adventure when she says  “After living here for 11 years, I was sure I’d seen any corner of this city that is worth seeing. But I was wrong.  In fact you could say that I missed a spot. If you also haven’t been to this one spot, you are missing out too. It’s called Abulafia Street. An interesting name for the most interesting thoroughfare you could possibly imagine…”.  Naomi is a marketer and a Parnasa evangelist – do yourself a favor and visit her Jewish Business Blog.

As a mom and business owner, I love meeting women who are also trying to maintain the delicate balance between being the best mom they can be, growing a successful business and being true to one’s own needs.  And so, when blogger Kerri Baruch joined the Nachlaot Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt, I knew that I had found in her someone who is facing up to the same exhilarating challenges.   Kerri has made a safe and beautiful space for women which she calls the Awakened Princess.

Miriam Drori is one of my veteran Jerusalem Scavenger Hunters.  Last year her team had so much fun they forgot themselves and completed the game way after everyone else. This year they figured out the competitive element to the game, and they upped their position to second last!  Miriam used to live in the neighborhood which I am eyeing for the next Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt route and I have told her that she will be leading the 3rd Annual Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt. To hear about her Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt experience check out andewallscametumblindown!


Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt game leader, Netanya

One of the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt game leaders, Netanya


Simcha Lazarus is one of my new blogging friends. She is full of creativity, ideas and has been blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit.  She works for the Jerusalem Stone Houses which are beautiful guest suites in Nachlaot. One of their apartments is right across the lane from the house where the iconic Reb Aryeh Levine lived, and is on our route. The Jerusalem Stone Houses recommends a Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt as a thing-to-do!

Rochie Hurwitz’s mission is to find great deals to make life just that much easier for us Israeli’s. If you haven’t seen her website or signed up for her email updates you should now!  She said about the Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt “whether you’re a tourist from abroad, a newcomer to the city, or have lived there for years, there’s something for everyone to take in and take home.“  Check out her posts at Rachel’s Deals!

Risa Tzohar is a self proclaimed ~Feminist ~ Jewish ~ Orthodox ~ Zionist ~ Wife ~ Mother ~ Grandmother and we are very impressed by that combination!  Risa blogs at Isramom and she always has something interesting and pertinent to say about the things that are most important to her!

If you want to see photographic poetry in a Jerusalem neighborhood, look at Robin Epstein’s pics on her Around the Island blog.  Words cannot introduce what you are about to see – just go there and see for yourself!

Nachlaot, view of an alley


At Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts, we know how to recognize people who are awesome at what they do, because they are just so passionate about it! Marna Becker is one of these people – she is a writer, a blogger and she is fantastic at working all social media channels.  Marna writes for the Awesome Israel blog – this year they won an award last year for Excellence in Recruitment and their blog is geared towards Birthright participants, their families, and friends.  This is what she wrote at Awesome Israel Blog!

Laura Ben David always brings life to a party and we loved having her on our Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt.  Laura is social media coordinator for Nefesh BeNefesh and she authored Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal and blogs at Times of Israel . I love this picture of her with the rest of her team, it just “captured” them all!


Bloggers at their best

We had such a wonderful Friday morning with you all and the best surprise was the scrumptious soup and bread provided by Bryan Choritz from Village Green on Rachel Immeinu.  Brian has recently left the Village Green chain, and we are so excited to visit his new restaurant on the same spot – 5 Rachel Immeinu.  We’ll be sure to be updating Jerusalem Scavenger Hunters about his new location as soon as more info is out!  Although she is currently not an active blogger, Bryan’s wife Noa was also a participant on the Blogger’s Scavenger Hunt, and she fitted in just fine with our blogging crowd.  Noa is a nurse, lactation consultant and a superwoman who completed a triathlon while pregnant!


Bryan ready with treats for the bloggers

Thank you to all the bloggers who joined us an amazing morning out, it was great to see old friends and to meet some new friends. The Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts team are already looking forward to the 3rd Annual Bloggers Scavenger Hunt!