Love was in the air last week in Jerusalem when we launched our craziest, most blow out project yet – a Proposal Scavenger Hunt!

The lovestruck couple were in Israel on vacation from Paris and he had planned ahead and asked us to help him to create an amazing evening, at the end of which he would propose to her.   The Scavenger Hunt program was fun, romantic and unique, and when he finally said “will you marry me” , of course she said “yes!”  And now the pics you’ve been waiting for!

Proposal Scavenger Hunt in Jerusalem

The Scavenger Hunt starts. She has her instruction card which she follows from one station to the next.


Proposal Scavenger Hunt in the Old City, Jerusalem

She finds her next direction card. Can you see the letter that is waiting for her at the bottom of the door?

Proposal in Jerusalem

She finds the letter…

Wedding proposal in JerusalemOptimized-French(3)

She reads the letter that he has left for her

Getting engaged in Jerusalem

She goes to the next station, the Hurva Synagogue


Getting engaged in Israel

She finds a small gift, a lovely necklace.

Proposal in Israel

At the next station she finds another small gift…

Engagement idea in Jerusalem

At the Cardo she learns about the contextual meaning of getting engaged in the Old City…


Romantic Scavenger Hunt in the Old City Jerusalem

Lead by a saxophonist, she makes her way to the last station, where someone special is waiting for her

Engagement Scavenger Hunt in Israel

He has been waiting for her…

Proposal in the Jerusalem

Getting engaged in the Old City, Jerusalem

With a ring….

Engaged in Jerusalem

Completing the Scavenger Hunt, with wine, a ring and beautiful smiles!
Mazal tov!


A postscript from us – at Israel ScaVentures we are passionate of telling the story of Jerusalem (and other places in Israel), the Scavenger Hunt way.  This proposal was so special and unique because it combined the love that the couple share, with the love story of the Jewish people for Jerusalem. As she moved from one station to the next, our Scavenger Hunt content helped her to connect her personal story, with the eternal story of the Jewish people. At the end of the evening, the couple was incredibly moved to find out from our guide Chava that while they were fulfilling a prophecy of “playing in the streets of Jerusalem” (Zecharia), they were also fulfilling a prophecy of a return of “sounds of joy and the voices of gladness, the song of the bride and grooms” (Yirmiyahu).

LeChayim to many more Simcha’s in Jerusalem!