Kids on vacation and frequent incoming missile alerts don’t go together very well!  This summer provided me with the challenge of learning to amuse my children while keeping them away from beaches and all things outdoors.  One day I prepared for them a mall scavenger hunt in Jerusalem,  and they had so much fun that I figured I’d post the scavenger hunt task sheet here – for all you lovers of all things Israel ScaVenture!
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The Israel ScaVentures Mall Scavenger Hunt is 1-2 hours of great indoor fun (and some silliness too).  It’s an all round family game, and many older tweens and teens will enjoy doing it alone.  Invite another family or two to join you (or compete against you)  for even more laughs  and great memories!    The best thing about the Israel ScaVentures Mall Scavenger Hunt is while you play the game, you are giving to those most affected by the war in Israel.  How?  When you download the scavenger hunt task sheet you will give a minimal donation (of 25 shekels) to One Family (of course you can give more if you wish).  Please read about this incredible organisation which, sadly, just became busier bringing newly bereaved families and families of victims of terror under their wing.

So if you’re in Israel – here’s a great indoor activity to keep your kids busy, and if you’re not in Israel – you can download it and play it too.  You can play an Israel ScaVenture Mall Scavenger Hunt in any mall in the world – and you’re always giving to a great cause while you’re doing it!

Click here to download the Israel ScaVentures Mall Scavenger Hunt now!