Over the past 3 weeks I have had the pleasure of interning for Israel Scaventures. As an intern, I have been running around the Jerusalem and learning about the scavenger hunts, the city and taking loads of pictures along the way. Although my time here is short I would like to share some of the insights I gained about some of my favorite places in Jerusalem.


My favorite spot to see during the middle of the day is Machane Yehuda, the Jerusalem Shuk. Here you can see venders stocking their tables with almost any food you would need. Whether it is fresh produce or pastries, the shuk has you covered.  Aside from the venders there are a number of restaurants within and just outside the shuk, which can fill you up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The shuk is open Sunday thru Thursday from 8am-7pm and on Friday from 8am-3pm closing for Shabbat. While the shuk is at its busiest Friday afternoons you can find some of the best deals then as well.

Bird's eyeview of Shuk Machaneh Yehudah

Bird’s eyeview of Shuk Machaneh Yehudah


While the shuk may close around 7pm, restaurants and bars stay open later and the scene changes from a bustling market to a sleepy bohemian scene late at night. For a relaxing place to get a drink at night away from the cacophony of younger crowds shuk may be the place for you.


A little know secret is that you can actually get a second story, overhead view, of the market.  Walking from the Yafo Street into the market start towards the other end. Soon, on your left side you will see an alcove that leads to a few other venders and a sign for the public restrooms (W.C). Head down the ally and instead of turning right for the restrooms turn left and hug the corner. You will be heading towards a restaurant. Before you reach the restaurant you will see a set of stairs that lead to apartments on your left. Walking up 2 flights lead to you the rooftop. From there you can get a view of widest street of the market. Just make sure you don’t knock on any doors, while the roof and the stairs are public don’t bother the neighbors. My favorite first sight on the roof is the fruit stand just on the other side of the street. They always seem to have the brightest sliced watermelons.


Machaneh Yehuda Market

Machaneh Yehuda Market