YAY, our Pessach Calendar is filling up, and we have loads of Scavenger Hunt options. From The Old City Scavenger Hunt, to the Shuk Dash, to the Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt to the Tzfat Dash there is so many great family activities this year with Israel ScaVentures! Make sure that you don’t miss your Scavenger Hunt opportunity this Pessach.

  1. Jerusalem Old City Scavenger Hunt – The tales of inspiring people, ancient places and tremendous events will come to life as you explore your route with maps and mission packs in hand.
  2. Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt- Nachlaot is one of Jerusalem’s best-kept secrets, and on this tour game, you will discover this colorful, surprising and eclectic neighborhood.
  3. Windmill Dash – Wandering from the Montefiore Windmill through the winding alleys of Yemin Moshe, you will learn the story of a frontier area that became one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhoods.
  4. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Scavenger Hunt – You will participate in an adventure of navigation and at the same time you will discover your own place in the amazing tapestry of Jewish History
  5. Shuk Dash – Explore the story of the vibrant and diverse people of Israel through the prism of the hustle and the bustle of Shuk Machaneh Yehuda. Warning: this game is VERY COMPETITIVE!
  6. Jerusalem Old City Dash – What does the Temple Mount lookout, the only mosque in the Jewish Quarter, and a golden Menorah’ed door all have in common? Warning: this game is VERY COMPETITIVE!
  7. Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunt – Nestled between the minarets of Jaffa and the Azrieli tower in Tel Aviv, lies Neve Zedek – the location of our Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunt.
  8. Tzfat Scavenger Hunt – A tour game that weaves the incredible story of a city that is charming and mystical. We have amazing new guides in Tzfat and we highly recommend this Scavenger Hunt!
  9. Gush Etzion Scavenger Hunt – Gush Etzion is the cradle of Jewish History, and the Gush Etzion Scavenger Hunt is an adventure so get ready to get wet, get muddy and get inspired!
  10. Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt – For our Christian friends of Israel, this new tour game will allow you to explore Mount Zion and the Jewish Quarter through the joint prism of Biblical text and modern reality.