birthday scavenger hunt winner

When we ran our first Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt in June 2010, we never imagined that five years down the line, we would have worked with more than 10 000 participants, on more than 15 routes and in 4 different languages! We decided to celebrate the 5th Birthday of Israel ScaVentures in June 2015 by running a FREE BDAY Bash Scavenger Hunt to a group of deserving people. Thank you all for the wonderful nominations!  We found it very hard to choose between 2 organizations, and so, with the help of a private donor who would like to remain anonymous, we will be running 2 FREE BDAY Bash Scavenger Hunts!  With no further ado, the deserving nominee finalists for one of our Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts are:

1. The volunteers who work at the St. Louis French Hospital in Jerusalem. This hospital is located on the boundary between West and East Jerusalem, facing the Old City. Benjamin, who nominated this group of people said “It’s a group of around 25 people who are doing an amazing job by caring for severly sick and dying people in a hospice in the heart of Jerusalem.  All these young people bring a special atmosphere to the house that let forget the suffering.”

2. The moms from Kayama Moms.  Yael, who nominated her organization told us “Kayama Moms provides a supportive community for single Jewish mothers by choice (or by Plan B). Being a single parent is amazing, but very challenging – mostly in terms of the finances and rarely getting “a break.”  A fun & educational day with Israel ScaVentures sounds like an ideal treat that would bring our moms tremendous joy.”

We are looking forward to arranging these Scavenger Hunts ASAP and giving an Israel ScaVentures BDAY Bash treat to people who really deserve it!