Israel ScaVentures was recently awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for the third year in a row – and we’re super proud!  We’ve taken this opportunity to look at ourselves to see what is working in our favor, so we can continue to please our customers.  And so, this is what we’ve come up with:  10 secrets why we are recipients of the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.


  1. Our Israel ScaVentures routes are top quality tour activities that combine meaningful content with pure fun. We believe that this is the winning combination!  Participants often report that their Israel ScaVenture was the highlight of their Israel trip.
  2. The experiences that you have on an Israel ScaVenture are educating, engaging and inspiring. You won’t just forget about your Israel ScaVenture experience, rather you’ll call upon it even years afterwards!
  3. Our customers just need to do one route with us to fall in love with Israel ScaVentures. And then they come back to participate in more and more routes.
  4. We handpick Israel ScaVenture game leaders – they are knowledgeable, professional, responsible, charismatic, friendly and passionate about the routes that they lead.
  5. We have almost 20 routes to choose from – from a monastery in the Judean Desert, to the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem, to the lookouts of Tzfat, to underground water tunnels in Gush Etzion and much, much more– you will definitely find a route you want to experience.
  6. Our core staff: Lisa, Dovi, Yom Tov and Tali are devoted to helping you find the right route, finding you the right game leaders and giving you the most special experience. They are professional, efficient and friendly.
  7. You don’t need any sort of Jewish/Zionist background to participate in an Israel ScaVenture. All participants, no matter what background they come from, start on an equal playing ground.
  8. No matter what age or stage you’re at in life, you will get out of the route as much is right and appropriate for you. A 6 year old will love finding and identifying the pics, while the 60 year old will most enjoy the group discussion or the information they learn. This is why we especially love it when 3 generations participate in one of our tour games all together.
  9. We’re a small and dynamic company – if a potential customer asks us to write them a new route – we most often run with it. That’s how many of our Israel ScaVenture routes were born.
  10. Our customers love their Israel ScaVenture experience so much that they want to tell other people about it.

At the end of the day, we live in a country that has an amazing history – with people, events and places whose stories need to be told. On an Israel ScaVenture you’ll hear these stories and be inspired.  We are so grateful to you Israel ScaVenturers for sharing your enthusiasm with us (and with Trip Advisor), we aim to continue to please and inspire in the years to come! Thank you for the LOVE!



We’re now working to make it 4rd time lucky in 2019! 

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