All aboard the book launch party- on 5th April (last day of Chol HaMoed Pesach! 

Where: First Station. Jerusalem

When: 5th April 2018 10:00- 12:30

What:  Books will be on sale from 10:00- 12:30 but in ScaVenture style – there is more fun to be had:

1. Start your team ScaVentures Train Game (inside your book) any time between 10am and 12:00pm
2. Winning teams will be announced at 12:30pm.
3. And PRIZES!

In the ScaVentures Jerusalem Experiencial Guidebook you’ll enjoy 5 guided, interactive routes in Jerusalem with 100+ missions that captivate each member of your group, there are:
• Roles for each family member
• Clues and missions
• Games with maps and playing cards
• Trivia and quizzes
• Behind the scenes stories

The ScaVentures Jerusalem Experiential Guidebook, valued in the shops at 150 NIS will be on sale at the book launch party for just 120 NIS.  Celebrate the launch of this unique book – by getting your own hugely discounted book and ScaVenturing with us! Or pre-order your book here (pre-ordered books will be shipped in Israel after Pesach!)

Not sure whether you want to buy the book yet? No problem – come and play the ScaVentures Train Game – for just 60 NIS per family!

Looking forward to seeing you there!