You’ve heard so much about ScaVentures and it’s time for you to do your own ScaVenture – but how do they actually work???  We’ll tell in you in 5 easy steps!

If you have 9 or more participants, your group will divide into teams (ideally 5-8 participants per team).

  1. Each team will receive a pack that includes maps, stickers, information sheets, notepads, pencils, picture packs and more.
  2. Each person on the team has a role. There is a fearless leader, an observant detective, a studious note keeper, a keen navigator, a charismatic historian, a snappy photographer, and more.
  3. Using the pack you received, the above team members will navigate from the first station to the eighth and last station. At each station, the historian will relay the story, the team leader will engage the team with the missions, and the detective will look for pictures. Each team member will play his/her important role in order to complete the missions of the station and to solve the mystery of the picture pack before moving on to the next station!
  4. Teams compete against each other in order to reach the final station in the best time AND with the right answers!
  5. When all the teams have reached the final station, the game leader will sum up the experience and prizes will be awarded to winning teams.

If you are a smaller group, then your team will not split up– you will be on your own team challenge.

  • Can your team navigate from starting point to ending point within the given time?
  • Will your team fulfill all the missions on the way?
  • Will your team solve the mystery of the Picture Pack?
  • Each participant must play his/her part to make it happen, so that you can receive your prize!

The ScaVentures Game Leader is our staff member– aka the Game Master!  The magic of the game is in your navigation and the discovery of the secrets of the sites. Along with this, the game leader visits the teams at certain stations, will add information when appropriate, mark team progress and make sure the game is running smoothly.

The game is two hours of FUN and INSPIRATION from beginning to end!

NOTE: The above explanation is for the classic scavenger hunt at the Old City Scavenger Hunt model.  Different ScaVenture routes may have tweaked roles and methods of navigation – choose your ScaVentures and ask us about our different routes and how they work!

Do you still have questions about how ScaVentures work?  Check out our FAQ or contact us for more info!