The book is amazing!!! I’m  not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that I was reading the missions for Har Herzl yesterday and literally started crying!!!! (Like, full on tears-down-my-face-crying!!!)! The “last of their kin memorial” was what started the crying and then it just progressed from there 🙂 I don’t know how many times I’ve been there myself but still missed out on so much!!!  And the shuk mission… holy cow!!!! So so so much fun!!! Just picturing doing this made me giggle! As an educator and a former AVID NCSYer I absolutely LOVE the interactive/social element of these activities! Encouraging people (not just children) to interact with other people that they might otherwise not ever have any meaningful conversation with is absolutely incredible. I truly believe that these interactions are what will ultimately help to bring Moshiach… learning to understand and love others, even if they are so different from ourselves… what an invaluable lesson… and in the shuk no less!!!


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