On the Shuk Dash you will have 100 minutes to complete the craziest missions in the craziest of places!  It’s a kind of Amazing Race experience, where you learn the story of the place through a navigational missions game played through our Shuk Dash application. The Shuk Dash game includes tasters in the Shuk.  It is great for team building – each participants gets a role – detective, notekeeper, photographer, team leader etc, its lots of fun and its inspiring.  The Shuk Dash can be played Sunday through Thursday morning.

Understand the vibrant and diverse people of Israel through experiencing the hustle and the bustle of Shuk Machane Yehuda. Sell fruit, pose with a fish & find someone from Morocco. Warning: this game is COMPETITIVE!


  • 1520 shekels for up to 15 participants
  • 2070 shekels for up to 25 participants
  • 2400 shekels for up to 35 participants
  • Each additional participant 40 NIS.

Discounts available for camps and educational groups.

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