Calling out to those involved in Jewish education: teachers, principals, camp staff, JCC staff, informal educators, youth directors, tour operators and others in the field!

We want to give you a treat after a tough few months (we know, 2020 has infact felt like a lifetime…)

AND we want you to see a great resource that you can use with your groups (we’re all adapting to new online practises)! 

That’s why we’re inviting you to participate in a FREE Jerusalem Quarantine Quest for educators!  

But first you have some questions, don’t you?


Who are you Israel ScaVentures?

ScaVentures is the tour company, based in Israel that explores a narrative of places, people and events. Our mission is to Educate, Engage and to Inspire families and groups while providing them with an adventurous exciting and fun experience. Our most popular games are run, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tzfat and we also run customized games throughout the world. Since founded almost ten years ago, we have been leaders in the educational tourism industry, creating over twenty games in Israel and abroad, with over fifty guides working in four languages. More than thirty thousand participants have participated in our ScaVenture games.  Since Corona time, we’ve moved our games online, and broadened the themes so they are applicable to all aspects of Jewish life.


What is a Quarantine  Quest?           

Quarantine Quests are team based virtual scaventure that you can play from home or from anywhere, they can be played remote or in person. You assemble your group (you can be physically together or separate), you divide your group into teams and each team competes against the other to complete missions within a set time. Missions are done in stages and as you gather enough points in each stage the next stage is opened.  Your team will work together to complete the missions and create videos or photos that prove that you have done that. There is a mix of mission types that include anything from researching a random topic, to putting together an online game to challenging someone to a lip sync competition.  All games have an element of “doing good” in the world as part of the game.

So now we’ve covered those bases, here are the details:


When is the game?            

The Jerusalem Quarantine Quest for educators will be played on Tues 14 July 2020 by people in 3 time zones (at least):

  • 2:00 – 4:00pm Eastern Time
  • 9:00 – 11:00pm Israel time
  • 7:00 – 9:00pm UK time



How does the game work?                

Participants will sign up with teams, or as individuals (and we will put you into teams) . At the starting time we will meet on zoom with the provided link, break out into teams and start the game.  The game is played on our platform and our staff run the game to give you any technical support that you need and to generally cheer you on.  Each team needs a computer and at least one phone per location of team mate for taking pictures/filming clips. The game will go on for one and a half hours, and at of the game we will return to zoom to announce the winners and answer any questions that you may have.


It’s  a team game – do I need a team?         

You can sign up with your team of fellow educators, or if you sign up as individuals, we will put you into teams, it will be a great networking opportunity!


OK so how do I sign up?

Just fill in the google form here to sign up. 

Or if you have any questions just send us a mail and we’ll be happy to answer! 


What are the benefits of me playing your Jerusalem Quarantine Quest for educators?

  • You have worked hard and you deserve to be treated to a fun experience
  • It will allow you to test a new resource for next year
  • Its a nice way of getting together with colleagues and maybe even to meet new colleagues
  • We’ve invited educators from USA, Israel, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia to participate – it will be a special moment!


We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 14th July FREE Jerusalem Quarantine Quest for educators!

Tali, and the Israel ScaVentures team.