Share some special time together on a ScaVenture!  Date night ScaVentures City Dash are available as a downloadable app that you can play in your own time,  facilitated by ScaVentures staff (yes we have ScaVentured proposals!) and don’t forget the ScaVentures Jerusalem book – 5 date nights worth of content!

How does a ScaVenture City Dash for date night work?

  1. The ScaVentures City Dash was made for small groups who want to get out, explore and have fun at their own time and pace.  You don’t need to book staff or a slot, just download the game and go!  
  2. The ScaVentures City Dash is a navigation game that will take you to different points in an area/site.
  3. From the starting point you will navigate to each station on your map (you will download the map with the ScaVentures City Dash application). 
  4. At each station you will have info to read about the place, and missions and quizzes to completed (all of this is on the app)
  5. Once you have completed one station, you navigate to next. And so on. 
  6. We expect that the game will take you between 1.5 – 2 hours, but we have given you a 4 hour slot so you can really play at your own pace. 
  7. This game was designed to be played in location, or if you are stuck at home you can play it using google and google earth.

More info about ScaVentures City Dash:

  • What is a scaventure?  We like to think of our games as a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why we call them ScaVentures!
  • Where do I play the game? An ScaVentures City Dash was designed to play in the site, so you can get out and explore an area. But if you are stuck at home you can play the game online using the app, google and google earth.
  • How is this game Corona safety compliant?   This game is played in your small capsule. You do not need to come into contact with anyone other than your group. You will use your own phones.
  • How long should it take? We expect that the game will take you between 1.5 – 2 hours, but we have given you a 4 hour slot so you can really play at your own pace.
  • Do I need to book in advance? You do not need to book a slot, but you do need to download the app. You can download the ScaVentures City Dash here.
  • Will I need a guide from your staff? Nope.
  • How many people is this meant for? Minimum – 2 participants. Maximum – 7 participants.
  • Who are you Scaventures? ScaVentures is the tour company, based in Israel that explores a narrative of places, people and events. Our mission is to Educate, Engage and to Inspire families and groups while providing them with an adventurous exciting and fun experience. Our most popular games are run, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tzfat and we also run customized games throughout the world. Since founded almost ten years ago, we have created over twenty games in Israel and abroad, and trained over fifty guides to work in four languages. More than thirty thousand participants have participated in our ScaVenture games. 
  • Is there lots of walking? If you can go for a walk around your neighborhood you can do this.
  • What do I need? One smart phone with a charged battery.
  • Price? 250 NIS per group (up to 7 participants). If you are more than 7 participants we suggest you download a second game, so you are not all huddled around one phone.


ScaVentures City Dash app 250 NIS,

ScaVentures Jerusalem book 150 NIS

Speak to us about customization prices and options for special occasions.