Summer 2020: the kids need to get out the house, you want to feel like you’re a family on vacation, your travel budget is much lower than expected, you need to stay away from crowds and most importantly you want to stay safe and healthy!

The ScaVentures City Dash 2020 is the perfect solution!   

Israel ScaVentures, one of Israel’s top educational tourism companies, has created JUST FOR THE CORONA TIME, the ScaVentures City Dash for your fun and enjoyment!  This is an application that you can easily download from our website.  The ScaVentures City Dash is a navigation game in which you will navigate to different locations and complete different types of challenging missions at each point. Playing the ScaVentures City Dash game you will have fun, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation, you’ll explore a new area and you’ll  keep away from other people – all in your own time and at your own pace (we expect the game will take you around 2 hours).  If you complete the entire game with all its missions – be sure to treat yourselves to a ice cream!

Where can I play the ScaVentures City Dash game?

You can play the ScaVentures City Dash in the Old City (Jerusalem), Nachlaot (Jerusalem) or Neve Zedek (Tel Aviv) or if you can’t leave your house you can even play the ScaVentures City Dash from your own home!

How can I download the ScaVentures City Dash game?

Just choose whether you want to play in the Old City, Nachlaot or Neve Zedek and purchase a ticket that will give you your download code below!  The ScaVentures City Dash costs 150 per ticket (each ticket is one download to one phone).  We recommend ONE TICKET (one download) per family of around 3-7.   In July 2020 we are offering 10% off your second and third ScaVentures City Dash games.  So you can purchase 1  game (Old City, Nachlaot OR Neve Zedek) we will send you by email the discount code for a 2nd game with 10% NIS discount for your 2nd and 3rd games in a different location. 


Jerusalem: Nachlaot City Dash  – buy ticket below:

Jerusalem: Old City Dash-buy ticket below:

Tel Aviv: Neve Zedek City Dash-buy ticket below:


More info about ScaVentures: 

  • What is a scaventure?  We like to think of our games as a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why we call them ScaVentures!
  • Where do I play the game? An ScaVentures City Dash was designed to play in the site, so you can get out and explore an area. But if you are stuck at home you can play the game online using the app, google and google earth.
  • How is this game Corona safety compliant?   This game is played in your small capsule. You do not need to come into contact with anyone other than your group. You will use your own phones.
  • Do I need to book in advance? You do not need to book a slot, but you do need to download the app. You can download the ScaVentures City Dash here.
  • Will I need a guide from your staff? Nope.
  • How many people is this meant for? Minimum – 2 participants. Maximum – 7 participants. If you have more participants you should download another ticket. 
  • Is there lots of walking? If you can go for a walk around your neighborhood you can do this.
  • What do I need? One smart phone with a charged battery.