All is not lost!   Israel ScaVentures is here to save your summer!  This summer we are offering THREE amazing ScaVentures’  corona adapted options!    You can play a classic ScaVenture game facilitated by ScaVentures staff, or you download the ScaVentures City Dash app to your phone and go out and play at your own time and pace, or you can pick up a ScaVentures Jerusalem guidebook to explore Jerusalem’s iconic sites.

  1. Classic ScaVentures games:  Do you have a bigger group and you want the classic Israel ScaVentures experience? Will you manage to solve the mystery of the ScaVentures picture pack? Will you each person play their role successfully so you can complete the game and win a prize? Book our classic ScaVenture and see! This summer you can play the following classic scaventures game:
  • Jerusalem: Old City Scavenger Hunt/ Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt/ Shuk Dash
  • Tel Aviv: Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt/ Jaffa Scavenger Hunt
  • Tzfat: Tzfat Scavenger Hunt

Classic ScaVentures cost 1320 NIS for up to 15 participants/ 1870 NIS for up to 25 participants/ 2200 NIS for up to 35 participants. Groups are divided into smaller units according to current health ministry guidelines.

Be in touch to book your classic scaventures game!

2. ScaVentures City Dash app:  Do you want to a fast and fun activity that can be played just with your immediate family and friends? Just download the ScaVentures City Dash and go and play!  Will you manage to navigate from the starting point to the final station? Will you manage to successfully complete all your missions? Download the ScaVentures City Dash app and see!  You can play the ScaVentures Dash app game at the following:

  • Old City ScaVentures Dash
  • Nachlaot ScaVentures Dash’
  • Neve Zedek ScaVentures Dash

Each ScaVentures Dash costs 150 shekels but if you download all three it will cost just 390 shekels.

Be in touch to book your ScaVentures City Dash games!

3. ScaVentures Jerusalem Book:  This comprehensive, experiential Jerusalem guidebook takes you on 5 distinct adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms, for all ages. Will you unlock the secrets Jerusalem has kept for centuries?  Can you become detectives, explorers and navigators? Will you complete all the missions together?  Purchase the ScaVentures Jerusalem Experiential Guidebook and explore 5 Jerusalem locations in your own time and pace.  ScaVenture Jerusalem sites for exploration include:

  • Old City
  • Mishkenot Sheánanim
  • The Shuk
  • First Station
  • Har Herzl

ScaVentures Jerusalem books cost 150 NIS plus shipment, or pick one up at Power Coffeeworks (111 Agripas Street) or Pat Be’Melach (while stocks last).

Buy your ScaVentures Jerusalem book here!

Not sure which of the 3 options are best for you? Be in touch to discuss your scaventures options!

This summer we have worked hard to make sure that there are ScaVenture options for every group and for every budget! All ScaVentures offered this summer meet the standard of Corona safety. Thank you for #supportingsmallbusinesses !