This year is complicated…but it’s more important than ever to have Sukkot fun. Wherever you are in the world, we have a game for every type of group, for every budget!

Do you feel like a fun activity just with your family at home? 
The *Dubai Dash* is for you! 
You can visit Dubai without even leaving your house! This is great for 2-8 people in one location.  It is played online and during this game you will “visit” the iconic sites of Dubai and you’ll discover the incredible story of the Jews of the UAE, who for centuries, until now, lived Jewish lives behind bolted doors and shuttered windows. Book the Dubai Dash now!

Do you want to connect with neighbors, family and friends each in your own home?
The *Israel Trail Quest* is for you! 
Call up your loved ones wherever they are in the world and invite them to join you on the Israel Trail (שביל ישראל) Quest.  This is an online team game, with offline challenges that need to be completed in teams. Your group can be 15 – 150 participants divided into teams. Book the Israel Trail Quest now!

Do you want to gift a friend, loved one or family in lockdown with a fun activity?  Are you planning an online Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Are you looking for a corporate activity?
The ScaVenture Online games are for you! 
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