• Tzohar connects the Jewish people.
• Tzohar connects families.
• Tzohar connects you to Israel.


Tzohar invites you to a


WHAT IS IT?    ScaVentures are online team mission games that can be played from your home or anywhere in the world. Yes, there are prizes!!! The Tzohar ScaVenture is our first ever international game that is a celebration of Jewish life and times!

WHEN IS IT?   Wednesday Chol HaMoed Pesach 31 March, 8:30pm Israel time. (GMT??)

WHO PLAYS?  It is great for families; it is recommended for kids from age 6 and up – and certainly adults! Your family is your team AND you can invite some more friends and family to make teams and play as well!

HOW LONG?   The ScaVenture is 1.15 hours

WHAT DO WE NEED? Each team will need one device to log into the game (desktop/laptop/ tablet) and a device for taking photos/filming clips. Although the game is played on our online platform, you will be completing missions offline, you will not need more than one device to log in to the game and one device to take pics and clips.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Just XXX per family (one household).

HOW DO I SIGN UP? It’s easy…just click here!