ScaVentures continues to connect you to friends and families wherever you are in the world! Our team based virtual ScaVentures that you can be played from home, from school or from anywhere! Our online ScaVentures are great for families, schools, youth organizations and congregations!

***Pesach Quest 2022!

Pesach should be about family fun, and the ScaVentures Pesach Quest will make sure that it really is!  Connect with friends and family wherever they are in the world on this amazing missions game that is both online and offline!

*** Yom Ha’Atzmaut Quest 2022!

Celebrate Israel and feel like you’re in Israel!  This missions game is a virtual celebration of Israel’s Independence day, it will connect you to Israel and Israeli’s on Yom Ha’Atzmaut!



Israel: 1420 NIS for up to 15 participants, 1970 NIS for up to 25 participants, 2300 NIS for up to 35 participants, each additional participant 40 NIS

* Discounts available for groups bigger than 100 participants, youth groups, schools and educational institutions

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