NEW NEW NEW!!!!   ScaVentures LOVES Tzfat!  Where else can you navigate to a biblical cave, discover a Turkish bell tower, learn about the secret weapon that won the War of Independence and have so many more adventures???  The ScaVentures Tzfat Mystic Dash is a fantastic family activity.

The Tzfat Mystic Dash can be played with our staff leaders using a combination of our unique tour game materials and the ScaVentures app.  This costs:
• Up to 15 participants 1520 NIS
• Up to 25 participants 2150 NIS
• Up to 35 participants 2530 NIS
• Each additional participant is 40 NIS

Or you can play the the Tzfat City Dash game – at your own time and pace, without our staff or materials, and WITH our independent play City Dash app.

The ScaVentures City Dash costs 250 per ticket (each ticket is one download to one phone). We recommend ONE TICKET (one download) per family of around 3-7.




Q: Woah, this sounds AWESOME but I need more info, what else can you tell me?

Sure, the ScaVentures City Dash was designed for small groups who want to get out, explore and have fun at their own time and pace.  You don’t need to book staff or a slot, just download the game and go!  

  • The ScaVentures City Dash is a navigation game that will take you to different points in an area/site.
  • From the starting point you will navigate to each station on your map (you will download the map with the ScaVentures City Dash application).
  • At each station you will have info to read about the place, and missions and quizzes to completed (all of this is on the app)
  • Once you have completed one station, you navigate to next. And so on.
  • We expect that the game will take you between 1.5 – 2 hours, but we have given you a 4 hour slot so you can really play at your own pace.
  • How is this game Corona safety compliant?   This game is played in your small capsule. You do not need to come into contact with anyone other than your group. You will use your own phones.
  • Do I need to book in advance? You do not need to book a slot, but you do need to download the app.
  • Will I need a guide from your staff? Nope.
  • How many people is this meant for? Minimum – 2 participants. Maximum – 7 participants.
  • What ages is this suitable for? We expect kids from age 6 and up will engage with the game, it is appropriate for just adult groups.  It is not appropriate for families with multiple kids below age 6.
  • Is there lots of walking? If you can go for a walk around your neighborhood you can do this.
  • What do I need? One smart phone with a charged battery.