No matter what size or type group, or where you are in the world, the Chanukah light will go a long way when you book your Chanukah ScaVenture! This will be the highlight of your Chanukah vacation- but don’t take our word for it, just read what other people have said about ScaVentures:

⚡If you’re a small family group – ScaVenture City Dash

On the ScaVentures City Dash you will play your way through streets, alleys and markets! You’ll discover new locations, you’ll uncover amazing stories and you’ll have an amazing group activity – at your own time and pace! It was a lot of fun, and we all enjoyed.” – Bracha. See more!

⚡ If you’re a multigenerational group – Old City Scavenger Hunt

You will navigate your way from station to station, discovering the untold secrets of the Jewish Quarter. The tales of inspiring people, ancient places and tremendous events covering over 3000 years of Jewish History will come to life as you explore your route with maps and mission packs in hand. “Three generations participated and everyone had a fantastic time. Our kids were so involved that they did not want their ice cream break until after the activity was finished. A great way to give kids a taste of what the Jewish Quarter is all about.” -Shani See more!

⚡ If you’re a school or youth group– Neve Zedek Scaventure

On the Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt, you will learn the story of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood that is young and funky at heart! This is one of the best ways to learn the story of Tel Aviv – but don’t take it from us, this is one of our recent participants said: “Thanks for a superb scavenger hunt in Neve Zedek! You kept our group (aged 7-88!!!) engaged, busy and exploring the neighborhood. Everyone enjoyed themselves and played a role in the scavenger hunt. Thanks for such a memorable experience!” – Daphna See more!

⚡If you’re a corporate group – Shuk Dash

Understand the vibrant and diverse people of Israel through experiencing the hustle and the bustle of Shuk Machane Yehuda. Sell fruit, pose with a fish & find someone from Morocco. Warning: this game is COMPETITIVE! “We had a fantastic time doing the shuk scavenger hunt. We were a group from 60 yrs old to 3 yrs old. Every single one of us had a fantastic time. I highly recommend this activity!” – Sue See more!

⚡ If you’re a tour group – Jaffa Scavenger Hunt

From the Old Saraya to the Jaffa harbor through the Zodiac Alleys – explore the amazing story of the city that is said to be the oldest port city in chronicled history.  “I booked the Jaffa Scavenger Hunt for one of my groups and they had a fantastic time, that night over dinner they didn’t stop talking about the experience.” Sarah See more!

⚡ If you’re a big family/friends group – Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt

On your navigation adventure, you will get to know the pioneers of the early Jerusalem neighborhood, you will make your way through alleys with timeless charm and you will peek into the Machaneh Yehuda market – all this while engaging with the unique Nachlaot vibe. “Amazing. Eye-Opening. Competitive. Fun. This is one of the most amazing challenges I have had in a long time.” -Cheri See more!

⚡ If you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah – Bar/Bat Mitzvah ScaVenture

Looking for something fun and meaningful? The game is fun and meaningful and Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids will receive a BM certificate at the end of the game. Does your child love the spotlight, does he/she love to lead? Let them complete the ScaVentures Bar/Bat Mitzvah program and lead the Old City Scavenger Hunt.  “Thank you so much!! We had a great time yesterday – great activity for all ages , was awesome”. – Sara Leah See more!

⚡ If you’re any group abroad – Chanukah Israel Trail Quest

A team-based virtual Chanukah ScaVenture that you can play from home or from anywhere! Your imaginary tour guide friend wants to go back to his/her favorite spots in Israel– take some virtual “selfies” there, what happened when Herzl decided to teach the world to dance Hora? Prepare a rap that tells the story of the founding of Tel Aviv and the shell lottery. “Thanks for today’s program, it was spectacular!” – Rabbi Alyssa (Port Jewish Center) See more!

We’re offering so many options this Chanukah, and the good news is, if you want to mix and match – you can!  If you don’t see what you’re looking for – you can ask us about it! Be in touch now to book YOUR Chanukah ScaVenture!