The Israel Museum is Israel’s flagship cultural institution. It is also home to antiquities, art and objects of Jewish life and culture that trace the story of the Jewish people in their land, and throughout the world. Explore this celebration of land, life and people while you play the Museum Dash!   The Museum Dash is great for corporate groups, families, for youth, for student and adult groups, for synagogue missions and Bar/Bat Mitzvah groups.

How does the Israel Museum Dash work?

  1. Each group is divided into teams.
  2. Each team needs at least one smart phone
  3. Each team will receive a pack that includes maps, stickers, notepads, pencils, picture packs and more.
  4. Each person on the team has a role. There is a leader, detective, note keeper, navigator, historian, photographer, and more.
  5. Using the pack you received and the link you will receive from us, the teams navigate though the highlights of the Museum, discovering the epic stories and sites, completing missions on the way.  Each team member will play his/her role to complete the missions and to solve the mystery of the picture pack. 
  6. Teams compete against each other to reach the final station in the best time and with the right answers!
  7. When all the teams have reached the final station, the game leader will sum up the experience and prizes will be awarded to winning teams.

More info about ScaVentures:

  • What is a scaventure?  We like to think of our games as a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why we call them ScaVentures!
  • Where do I play the game? A classic scaventure is played in the actual site. We have more than 25 games all over Israel, and we are developing more worldwide.  You can see the options of classic games here.
  • How is this game Corona safety compliant?   This game is played in small capsules and social distancing is ensured.  All materials are cleaned and sterile.
  • A classic ScaVenture is around 2 hours, but can be shorter or longer – ask us about it.
  • Do I need to book in advance? Yes.
  • Will I need a guide from your staff?  The ScaVentures Game Leader is our staff member.   The magic of the game is in your navigation and the discovery of the secrets of the sites. The game leader explains the game, visits the teams at certain stations, will add information when appropriate, mark team progress and make sure the game is running smoothly.
  • How many people is this meant for? Minimum – 6 participants. Maximum – no maximum.
  • Who are you Scaventures? ScaVentures is the tour company, based in Israel that explores a narrative of places, people and events. Our mission is to Educate, Engage and to Inspire families and groups while providing them with an adventurous exciting and fun experience. Our most popular games are run, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tzfat and we also run customized games throughout the world. Since founded almost ten years ago, we have created over twenty games in Israel and abroad, and trained over fifty guides to work in four languages. More than thirty thousand participants have participated in our ScaVenture games.
  • Is there lots of walking? If you can do a short walk around your neighborhood you can do this.
  • What do I need? We provide it all, just come in comfortable shoes, with drinking water and high spirits.


  • 1520 shekels for up to 15 participants
  • 2070 shekels for up to 25 participants
  • 2400 shekels for up to 35 participants
  • Each additional participant 40 NIS.

NOTE: Entrance fees to the Israel Museum are NOT included in the above price.  Your group will need to pay entrance directly to the Museum. Pricing info is available on the Israel Museum website.

Be in touch with questions or Book your Museum Dash!