Sukkot is just around the corner, and this year we have some amazing Sukkot ScaVentures for you – from anywhere in the world! ScaVentures are great for families and group of all types!

ScaVentures are tour games that tell the narrative of a site, on your ScaVenture you will play your way through streets, alleys and markets – in person or virtually!

Groups of 8 participants or more:
We are ScaVenturing EVERY SINGLE DAY of Chol HaMoed.  You can join:

  • Old City Scavenger Hunt (Jerusalem)
  •  Windmill Dash (Yemin Moshe)
  •  Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt (Jerusalem)
  •  Shuk Dash (Jerusalem)
  •  Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt (Tel Aviv)
  •  Jaffa Dash (Tel Aviv)
  • Israel Quest with a special Sukkot theme – from anywhere in the world!

Our Sukkot ScaVenture slots are being grabbed up very quickly, so be sure to book your ScaVenture now in order to reserve your slot!

Groups of 7 participants or less:
GREAT NEWS! Due to popular request we have brought back our Open Scavenger Hunts! If you are a smaller group or family, you can book a slot here for either:

  • Old City Open ScaVenture: Friday 6 Oct 11:00am
  • Neve Zedek Open ScaVenture: on Thurs 5 Oct 11:00am

All ScaVentures need to be booked in advance, be in touch to reserve your slot!