What’s a ScaVenture?

On an Israel ScaVenture, with maps and mission packs in hand, you will navigate your way through streets, alleys and markets, engaging with the story of Israel and its people. Our Israel ScaVentures take the form of Scavenger Hunts or Dashes – they are great for groups of all sizes, with varying background and knowledge. We like to think of our games as a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why we call them ScaVentures!

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ScaVenture Participants So Far

Tali Tarlow

Tali Tarlow

Founder and Director

An experienced teacher and informal educator, Tali has developed curriculum,teacher guides, educational websites and experiential programs. Today she develops Israel ScaVenture routes, trains and manages a team of more than 20 guides and oversees scavenger hunt programs for groups of all sizes and types. Tali made her way from Cape Town, South Africa to Israel. She is wife to Daniel and mother to Ayelet, Eliana, Na’ama and Shai.  E-mail: tali@israelscaventures.com

Lisa Revivi

Lisa Revivi

Tour Operator Liaison

A vibrant and passionate individual, Lisa is in charge of managing and growing relationships with our tour operator partners. Lisa has a diverse number of interests and hobbies which she effectively balances and enjoys. Lisa’s dynamic personality and creative problem-solving abilities make her an invaluable asset to the Israel ScaVenture team! E-mail: lisa@israelscaventures.com

Dovi Chrysler

Dovi Chrysler

Project Manager

Dovi is our energetic and friendly project manager who educates and inspires not only our participants but also the Israel ScaVenture team. Dovi managers various tour routes and acts as a leader and mentor to other guides. Dovi’s enthusiasm is evident not only in his dedication to the business but also to his volunteer work and Yeshiva learning which make him a unique advocate for the pursuit of Jewish values. E-mail: dovi@israelscaventures.com

Jonathan Guez

Jonathan Guez

French Dept

After completing business school in Paris, Jonathan created a communication and press relations company specializing in the world of cinema. In parallel, he accompanied and organized ‘Birthright’ groups to Israel for French-speaking youths aged 18 to 26. After his Aliya to Israel in 2014, Jonathan enrolled in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he is currently studying to become a tour guide.  With Jonathan’s passion and experience in Israel experiential education, his eye for professional detail, and his friendly manner, Jonathan is a great addition to the Israel ScaVentures team in the French Department. E-mail: jonathan@israelscaventures.com

Meet Some of Our Madrichim!

In the Media

Fred Reiss’s ScaVentures Jerusalem book review.

Jerusalem is surely a must-see by anyone visiting Israel, and author Tali K. Tarlow gives us an unusual twist to an epic visit – a scavenger hunt to find holy places, common places, and places out of the way; all within the City of Jerusalem. Read here.


Jerusalem on Chol HaMoed (Photo Essay)

On Thursday morning, April 5, First Station hosted the launch of “ScaVentures Jerusalem, the Experiential Guidebook.” Tali Kaplinski Tarlow, author and founder of Scaventures, along with family and friends, were on hand to not only sell the new volume, which features Jerusalem’s most famous neighborhoods, but introduce the newest Train Game.    See here for more.


Mastering the art of reinventing yourself

Jerusalem Post: “There’s something about Israel that encourages you to reinvent yourself.  There don’t seem to be rules of how to live, and I love that I can be creative with my life.” Click here to read more about our Founder and Director Tali Kaplinski Tarlow.