The Museum Dash

On your Museum Dash you will explore the home to antiquities, art and objects of Jewish life and culture that trace the story of the Jewish people in their land, and throughout the world.

Tzfat Scavenger Hunt!

Tzfat!  Where else can you navigate to a biblical cave, climb to the top of a Turkish bell tower, learn about the secret weapon that won the war of Independence and have so many more adventures???

Bar/Bat Mitzvah ScaVentures!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah ScaVentures are our signature activities! In addition to our much-loved tour games in Israel, we now offer completely customized Bar/Bat mitzvah events with any theme in any location.

Dash in the Valley of Ghosts

On your Dash in the Valley of Ghosts, you will discover the story of the founders of the colony! Great for corporate groups, families, for youth, for student and adult groups.

Pesach/Yom HaÁtzmaut Quests

Bring back the fun, feel like you are with your friends and family, feel like you are in Israel! The best way to celebrate Pesach and Yom HaÁtzmaut!

ScaVentures City Dash

Discover the secrets of Tzfat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in a small group of family or friends. Just download one of these ScaVenture City Dash app games, and play an awesome navigation game!

A Purim ScaVenture!

The Purim ScaVenture is fun, silly and its great for families and groups!   Explore on your Purim Quest the story of Purim and take a peak into the lives of the Purim heroes and villains!

Dubai Dash!

Now you can go to Dubai, without actually going to Dubai! Play the Dubai Dash offline (in Dubai) or online (from your home).  Discover the iconic sites that you can visit in Dubai and you'll learn the incredible story of the Jews of the UAE.  

VIRTUAL Jerusalem Old City

Would you love to visit Mount Zion, the Cardo, the Western Wall and other amazing Jerusalem locations?  In this amazing navigation game you will  visit these iconic sites and others like them in Jerusalem's Old City.

Israel Trail Dash

Race across Israel from top to bottom on the Shivil Yisrael, the Israeli National hiking trail, and experience the amazing, vast beauty and FUN of the country and it's people!

Quarantine Quest

Who says you can't have fun in quarantine? Especially developed for MASA students during their quarantine period. Options for 1 day or 5 day games available. Can be customised.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Scavenger Hunt

A fun and meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah activity for all ages. Bar/Bat Mitzvah participants receive BM certificates, and we also offer a Bnei Mitzvah program where participants learn to lead and co-guide their event.

Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt

On the Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt you will discover the amazing story of this Jerusalem neighborhood. You'll navigate through alleys with timeless charm, complete your missions and discover the unique Nachlaot vibe.

Old City Scavenger Hunt

Tales of inspiring people, iconic sites & tremendous events come to life on the Old City scavenger hunt. Play it from a phone app, or leave your smartphone behind on the classic ScaVenture facilitated by ScaVenture staff.

School, Students & Youth

Navigate through an iconic site, street or market on a classic scavenger hunts, or collaborate on a themed missions game on an online quests. Either way there is so much to learn and see, and so much fun to be had!

Family Quests

Navigate and discover streets, alleys & markets! ScaVenture Dash games can be downloaded to your phone, or leave your smartphone at home and play a classic ScaVenture game facilitated by our staff.

Date Night Dash

Quality time ahead! Date night dash is available as a downloadable app, facilitated by ScaVentures staff or from our ScaVentures Jerusalem book. And yes we ScaVenture proposal scavenger hunts!

Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Indoors or outdoors, offline or online, our games are designed for corporate groups that are working remotely or together, this game is team building, moral boosting and will break the ice in an instant!

Custom ScaVentures

We will create a memorable scavenger hunt that is fun, meaningful and meets your highest expectations. Just be in touch to tell us about your event - nothing is too small or too large for ScaVentures!

Break the Ice!

Designed for corporate groups that are working remotely or together, this game is team building, moral boosting and will break the ice in an instant! We we have set games or we can create a custom quest for your team.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Quest

Be apart but feel together! Complete missions and compete against other teams, on this online team Bar/Bat Mitzvah game. This will be one of the highlights of your quarantine Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

Partnership Quest

Challenge another bunk / camp / school / Sunday school / youth movement / city or country to a Quarantine Quest game. Enhance this connection between different groups beyond the Quarantine Quest game.

90 Minutes Around the World

Let the fun begin! Now you can take a trip around the world to visit Europe, South America, Australia, Asia or Africa without exposing yourself to Corona on this hilarious and fun online team missions game!

Israel Quest

A virtual ScaVenture that you can play from home or from anywhere, remote or together! Take virtual selfies in Israel, help Herzl teach the world to dance the Hora, find out what is the Tel Aviv shell lottery and more...

Jerusalem Quest

A virtual ScaVenture that you can play from home or from anywhere, remote or together! Take virtual selfies in Jerusalem, make the delicious Market Crunch, show us your team in colors of Jerusalem and more...

ScaVentures Guidebook

This guidebook takes you on 5 adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms. There are roles for each family member, missions, games with maps, trivia and quizzes.

Jaffa Scavenger Hunt

On the Jaffa Scavenger Hunt you'll navigate from the iconic clock tower, to the Jaffa harbor through the zodiac alleys. Come and explore the amazing story of the city that is said to be the oldest port city in chronicled history.

Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt

Nestled between the minarets of Jaffa and the towers of Tel Aviv, lies Neve Zedek. Discover on the Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt the amazing story of one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods.

Jubilee Scavenger Hunt

A train carriage, a windmill, a bombed hotel, a secret courtyard and the gates of the Old City…celebrate Jerusalem’s on the Jubilee scavenger hunt that will take you from the new city to the old!

Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunts

The Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt- discover the amazing story of Tel Aviv's oldest neighborhood! The Jaffa Scavenger Hunt - explore the unbelievable story of what is said to be the oldest port city in history!

Shuk Dash

Understand the vibrant and diverse people of Israel through experiencing the hustle and the bustle of Shuk Machane Yehuda. Sell fruit, pose with a fish & find someone from Morocco. Warning: this game is COMPETITIVE!

Tzfat Mystic Dash

Navigate to a biblical cave, climb to the top of a Turkish bell tower, discover the secret weapon of the 1948 war of Independence and have many more adventures on the Tzfat Scavenger Hunt.

In the Land of the Maccabees

Whether you're a family, a school, a youth movement or a corporate group, you will LOVE your ScaVenture in the Land of the Maccabees! All you need to play is a dreidel, a map of Israel, a copy of the Greek alphabet and of course an advance booking!

Virtual Jerusalem Game

If you can't make it to Jerusalem, we will bring Jerusalem to you - in your JCC, Hillel, community or school. Speak to us about bringing our staff to your town to play the Virtual Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt!

Israel Mall Dash

It never has to rain on your scavenger hunt again because on the Israel ScaVenture Mall Dash, you have a great indoors game! Warning - this game is competative, so be ready to play and WIN!

Baron’s Dash

Idealistic immigrants, failed farmers, a philanthropic baron and a spy ring…are among the personas and intrigues to be discovered on your Zichron scavenger hunt. Join us on the very first streets of this beautiful town.

Escapada on Masada

The Masada mountain fortress  is a symbol of courage, it is a monument to Jewish national heroes who chose death over a life of physical and moral slavery.  It is also the location of the Escapada on Masada ScaVenture.

Hullabaloo At the Zoo

Ever wanted to learn to speak Chimpanzes? What does an elephant in the Zoo and Jerusalem’s old mayor, Teddy Kollek have in common? Do a penguin pose, find Moses’ Rock and much more on this great game!

Gush Etzion Scavenger Hunt

Discover springs and caves, walk on the Path of the Patriarchs, learn the story of the Lone Oak and wade through an underground water tunnel. Get ready to get wet, get muddy and get inspired!

Windmill Dash

On the Windmill Dash you'll learn the story of the amazing Montefiore quarter of Jerusalem, an abandoned frontier area that became one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhoods.