Q: From what age is an Israel ScaVenture appropriate?

A: The program is geared from age 6 upwards, and since is it based on very meaningful content; the older the child is the more they will get out of it. Under 6’s can join, but they are not paying participants as the program is not geared to them.

Q: Is an Israel ScaVenture for adults as well as kids?

A: YES! It is a fantastic program for adults, and can be done even without kids. We have done adult birthday parties, cooperate fun days and entertained business guests from overseas.

Q: Do I need to know Hebrew or be familiar with Israel to do a scavenger hunt?

A: No, the great thing about the activity is no matter what your familiarity with Israel/Judaism/Hebrew you have, you will succeed and enjoy!

Q: How long is an Israel ScaVenture?

A: Around 2 hours.

Q: Do you do Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s

A: Sure, it is a fun, educational and meaningful experience and we give out a Israel ScaVenture certificate to the BM boy/girl at the end. We also have a new program in which the Bar/Bat Mitzvah girl goes through a learning process and can be a co-guide on the Scavenger Hunt – ask us about it!

Q: What routes can I choose from?

A: We have many routes available – the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts include the Old City Scavenger Hunt, Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt, Windmill Dash, Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt and the Shuk Dash. Outside of Jerusalem we run the Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunt, the Jaffa Scavenger Hunt, the Tzfat Scavenger Hunt and the Gush Etzion Scavenger Hunt.

Q: I’ve been to these neighborhoods a million times, will I learn something new?

A: Absolutely, you’ll visit places you never knew existed. We can’t even count the number of times people have told us that they thought they knew the neighborhood, but they learnt so much more on the Israel ScaVenture!

Q: I want to do a Scavenger Hunt in XYZ – I do not see that on your list of routes.

A: We also build custom scavenger hunts- so if there is something that you havnt seen but really want to do be in touch. Some examples of custom scavenger hunts we have done include 2 proposal scavenger hunts, a 4 day scavenger hunt all over Israel, a scavenger hunt across 3 sites in the Judean desert and a house dedication scavenger hunt. Please be in touch about your custom scavenger hunt.

Q: What’s the difference between a Scavenger Hunt and a Dash and which should I do?

A: The aim of a scavenger hunt is to tell a story of a location through fun and a bit of competition – if this is what you want, you should do the scavenger hunt. The aim of a dash is to play a competitive game and “take an inspiring message home” at the same time. If this is what you want, you should do the dash. If you still don’t know what is best for your group, please be in touch, we’ll be happy to help you.

Q: What size group do you take?

A: We can take 2 participants, or run a group of 200 participants!  Bigger groups tend to schedule their own group Scavenger Hunts, and smaller groups tend to join a pre-scheduled Open Scavenger Hunt. Open Scavenger Hunts are run less frequently than group Scavenger Hunts, so it is best to plan ahead.

Q: How much does an Israel ScaVenture cost?

A: Prices vary according to group size so be in touch to discuss the price for your Scavenger Hunt

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