Is the Corona virus keeping you home?  Are quarantines disconnecting you with your friends, family life and sanity?   Is each day in lockdown dragging into the next, looking the same with no excitement? Don’t worry –  ScaVentures is here for you!  We’re going to bring back the fun, give you hours of entertainment, and reconnect you to other people in your neighbourhood, city, country and all around the world!  All this and more on the awesome Quarantine Quest 2020- a team based virtual scaventure that you can play from home or from anywhere!


Quarantine Quest 2020


How to play Quarantine Quest 2020 in 5 easy steps:

  1.  Register your team for the dates you would like to play.
  2.  Receive your confirmation email with player codes, instructions and tips.
  3.  Start playing when the game opens at the date and time of your request.
  4.  Submit your answers via our app.
  5.  Hear if you’re a winner.

How much does it cost?

Groups up to 25 participants: 800 NIS for up to 25 participants. Every additional participant: 25 NIS per person.

Groups larger than 100 participants: 2600 NIS for 100 participants. Every additional participant: 18 NIS per participant.

Who can play the Quarantine Quest 2020 

The Quarantine Quest is for families, kids and adults from ALL OVER THE WORLD who will form teams. Whether you are homebound or whether you are not, you will be able to use your team and your team’s network to complete the missions and win the quest. Your team will be bold, daring, creative, and your team members need to have time on their hands and have a desire to counter the disconnect that the Corona is causing.  Quarantine Quest 2020 is aimed at kids from age 8 and up, certainly for teens, older kids and adults. Younger kids will need parents or older siblings to stay on quest. Yes, parents who play need to pay, and we recommend that parents participants play if the kids are younger than around 14 YO.

Quarantine Quest games

As long as we’re in lock down we can play Quarantine Quests!  Here are some games that we offer:

  • Yom Yerushalayim QQ
  • Shavuot QQ
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah QQ
  • Birthday QQ
  • Corporate group QQ
  • Pesach QQ
  • Yom Ha’Atzmaut QQ
  • Lag Ba’Omer QQ
  • Custom QQ

Who are you guys, ScaVentures anyway

ScaVentures is the tour company, based in Israel that explores a narrative of places, people and events. Our mission is to Educate, Engage and to Inspire families and groups while providing them with an adventurous exciting and fun experience. Our most popular games are run, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tzfat and we also run customized games throughout the world. Since founded almost ten years ago, we have created over twenty games in Israel and abroad, and trained over fifty guides to work in four languages. More than thirty thousand participants have participated in our ScaVenture games. Founder and Director of Israel ScaVentures: Tali Kaplinski Tarlow, author of the acclaimed ScaVentures Jerusalem book. For more info about ScaVentures and recommendations see our facebook page “Israel ScaVentures”.

Do I need loads of smart phones or devices to play Quarantine Quest 2020

The game will be played through our app, each team will get a unique code to access the app, and you will need 2 or 3 smart phones or tablets per team to play. The solutions to the challenges that you will submit to our app will mainly be pictures or videos from your camera.  Each player does not need a smart phone or device.

I understand that you are based in Israel, is this all Israel/Jewish content

The aim of this first global online scavenger hunt is to counter the feeling of disconnect that the Corona virus is creating, the main theme of the missions will be about connecting people, spreading kindness and seeing how rich our lives are when we work together as teams at home or with friends.  Having said that, over Pesach and Yom Haatzmaut there will be missions themed to those occasions, and we can prepare custom Quarantine Quests along any theme for any occassion.

What kinds of missions are there on the Quarantine Quest 2020

Missions are made up of different elements including crafting, building, creative, sporting, themed topics, lots of silliness and there is a big component on expressing gratitude for what we have and acts of kindness.  You can find some examples of missions on the Israel ScaVentures facebook page.



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