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5 reasons to do a family ScaVenture

Whether you’re looking for a solution for those long August vacation days, if you’re planning a family get- together, or if its Bar/Bat Mitzvah season for you – there’s a reason why so many families chose to play a ScaVenture…five reasons, in fact.

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Tzfat Scavenger Hunt!

Tzfat!  Where else can you navigate to a biblical cave, climb to the top of a Turkish bell tower, learn about the secret weapon that won the war of Independence and have so many more adventures???

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah ScaVentures!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah ScaVentures are our signature activities! In addition to our much-loved tour games in Israel, we now offer completely customized Bar/Bat mitzvah events with any theme in any location.

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