ScaVentures City Dash

Summer 2020 is not lost! Discover the secrets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in a small group of family or friends. Just download one of these ScaVenture City Dash app games, and play an awesome navigation game!

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what can I do this summer in Israel?

All is not lost!   Israel ScaVentures is here to save your summer!  This summer we are offering THREE amazing ScaVentures'  corona adapted options!    You can play a classic ScaVenture game facilitated by ScaVentures staff, or you download the ScaVentures City Dash...

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Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunts

The Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt- discover the amazing story of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood! The Jaffa Scavenger Hunt – explore the unbelievable story of what is said to be the oldest port city in history!

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